Andrey Romanika (Photographer)

It was very pleasant to work with Zaryana!

She is an unique type of girl - she always shines! - I call these girls "firefly".

She is not just like ordinary models, which do performs a "figure" - like when models take unjustified poses, pulling facial expressions on their face, and their eyes are empty.

She lives and she inspires, you just want to shoot her naturalness and not break it!

But when you have to get used to the image, Zaryana is enough to offer the situation and it will begin to live in it - it's a great quality for a model!

It was very interesting and comfortable to work with Zaryana!

Marie Beaulaton (Photographer)

I was looking forward to the photo session where I would have the chance to shoot this amazing model.

I have not been disappointed, and the result was even beyond my expectations.

Zaryana is very talented, attentive to all the little details that will enhance her, she shows great professionalism.
Adorable, beautiful, photogenic, concentrated and full of grace, it remains only to press the shutter button for the desired picture.

If the mood takes her to come back to France, it is with great pleasure that I photograph her again!

An experience that will remain etched in my memory! Good luck to her, hoping to see her in a few years in large agencies!

Alexandra Banti (Photographer)

Zaryana is a sweet person and a great model, she knows how to convey emotions and when she poses it is always graceful and as you wanted!  I've loved to work with her !

Thank you so much for this shoot, and I'm looking foward to see you again!

Bodygraphe (Photographer)

It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work together for a session that was superbly held.

You are a model who knows how to fully invest in a project.

Your charm and your hair does not got unnoticed.

I wish you a good continuation!

Melany Bailon (Photographer)

Zaryana is a lovely person, and it was a pleasure to photography her :)

I'm glad you like the photos a lot and this is the most important.

Happy New Year dear Zaryana :)

Peter Seyfferth (Photographer)

Zaryana is a serious model, interested in the concept of the shooting and bringing in her own ideas.

We did quite an unusual shooting with reminiscences about paintings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Zaryana managed to adapt to the melancholic mood of the painter's models very well.

She was attentive to each and every detail.

Her posing never is exaggerated and she knows how to credibly show all kinds of emotions.

Her long hair offers the photographer exceptional possibilities for shots that stand out in a crowd.

One thing I forgot to mention: Zaryana's exceptional beauty!

If I would like to work with Zaryana again? The answer is YES, as soon as possible.

I would love to shoot a reminiscence about Winterhalter's famous painting of Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi) with her!